Nice to Meet You

Hello! I'm Kelly, the creative mind behind Prnt’d, where artistry meets paper goods and totes.

Driven by a passion for creativity and self-expression, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery in the realm of art. With no formal training but fueled by curiosity and determination, I immersed myself in the digital medium, experimenting with colors, shapes, and textures to bring my imagination to life.

What started as a personal pursuit soon blossomed into Prnt’d, a platform where I share my love for creativity with the world. Every piece in our collection is a reflection of my journey of honing my skill- from the cultural references to the vibrant illustrations, each creation tells a unique story.

At Prnt’d, we believe that stationery is more than just paper and ink; it's a canvas for self-expression, a means to spark joy, and a conduit for connection. Whether you're jotting down notes, sending a heartfelt message, or simply adorning your space with images that look like you, our products are designed to inspire and delight.

Thank you for joining us on this creative adventure. We invite you to explore our collection, find something that speaks to your soul, and join us in celebrating our culture through Prnt’d.

 Let's write our stories together, one stroke at a time.

Thanks for Visiting!

- Kelly Harding, Founder